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Buy Premium Quality Halmira Tea Online

Assam Green Tea Online from
Assam Green Tea Fannings (250gm / 20 cups) ₹250 ₹200
assam tea
Assam Orthodox Tea (250gm / 20 cups) ₹500 ₹400
Golden Long Leaf Tip from Assam @
Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea (250gm / 20 cups) ₹600 ₹480
Halmira Premium blend of CTC leaves and Assam Brokens
Premium CTC (250gm / 20 cups) ₹250 ₹200
Quick Brew Assam Dust Tea from
Quick Brew Assam Dust Tea (250gm / 20 cups) ₹200 ₹160

Enriched with the bliss of tropical climate of Assam, the Assam tea leaves have a unique malty taste and bright colour. The most loved variety amongst the large-leaf species, the world cherishes the strong flush of Assam tea as the famous black tea. For its briskness and full body this black beauty is known as breakfast tea worldwide.

The strong profile of Assam tea leaves makes it one of the favourite flavours among tea connoisseurs. Black tea is known as "crimson tea", a closer description to the colour of the tea produced. Getting the best quality Assam Loose Leaf Tea involves a delicate combination of manual and highly refined processes right from the beginning when leaves are carefully hand-picked. Halmira fosters this authentic infusion with expert farming and processing and offers the best quality loose leaf Assam Tea at amicable prices.