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Grown up in India, every person is familiar with the drink “chai” which means tea in English. In India, chai is way beyond just a cup of tea. It holds emotion, from being a companion during monsoon solace to being a moderator during friendly debates – there is so much to share over a cup of chai.


HOW TEA CAN BE THE PERFECT CORPORATE GIFT? It is believed that your choice of gift is an expression of your fine taste. How about considering tea for a corporate gifting purpose? Have you ever thought about it?   Take the concept of corporate gifting up-a-notch with...

Tulsi Tea

 YOUR DAILY DOSE OF GOOD HEALTH IN A CUPPATulsi, the queen of herbs, is imbued with several healing properties when consumed in different forms- dried, fresh and powdered. It is a known fact that chewing on a few tulsi leaves every day is super beneficial for your...

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