Halmira always strives to provide tea lovers with a unique blend of flavors in their products. We make sure to mix ‘n’ match elements that will not only provide a delicious cuppa but will also take care of the health. Discover the Choco Mint Tea from Halmira and fall in love with this refreshing drink with every sip, leaving your taste buds unsatisfied with a single cup.

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The Uniqueness :  This mint & chocolate flavored tea is micro-blended on black colored whole leaf base with the infusion of fresh peppermint. It gives rise to a feeling of sipping a fresh mint mocha with zero calories! It’s a must-have for people who enjoy the combination of chocolate and mint.
What You See:  When you’ll see the tea leaves for the first time, you’ll come across a blend of two separate leaves. The tea leaves having the chocolate flavor, when raw, are rolled and dark brown in color. On the other hand, the mint leaves are flakey with a faded green hue. Upon brewing, you’ll come across a light amber cuppa.
What Brings Out the Best:  For four cups, you have to make use of 2tps of chocolate mint tea leaves to get the right of taste and aroma. Bring the water to a boiling point, after which add 2tps of chocolate mint tea and let it steep for 3 minutes for the flavor and aroma to release.
What You Feel:  If you want the hit of minty freshness with traces of chocolate flavor, this “chocolate chai” is your go-to answer.

  • When Raw
    If you taste the tea leaves in its raw form, you will come across a bitter taste with the flavor of mint well blended with the essence of chocolate. The dark leaves have a strong chocolate taste accompanied by a bitter taste whereas the faded green leaves/flakes have a distinct mint flavor.
  • Upon Brewing
    After brewing, initially, a strong smell of chocolate will hit your nostrils followed by a hint of mint. When you take a sip, you’ll come across a strong taste of mint with traces of chocolate. On the whole, the chocolate flavored tea will leave behind a cool, refreshing sensation on your taste buds with a sweet tinge. This chocolate flavored tea is astringent in nature.

Best Enjoyed With Dark chocolate, choco-chip cookies, biscuits, butter cookies, etc.

Health Benefits

  • Aides in Respiratory Disorders:  Regular sipping of this chocolate mint tea will help in dealing with respiratory disorders like asthma and other similar conditions.
  • Gets Rid of Nagging Headaches:  The relaxing sensation of mint with the infusion of chocolate and tea leaves helps in getting rid of headaches.
  • Helps People with Insomnia:  Not just headaches, this chocolate flavored mint tea from Halmira will also relax your senses and provide you with sound sleep.
  • Helps with Eczema:  Mint essential oil in this tea is rich in anti-microbial property, thereby fighting against skin diseases like eczema.
  • Improves Digestion:  The soothing digestive properties of the Choco Mint Tea also works like magic on the digestive system, thereby calming issues catering to poor digestion.

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