Halmira Gold 250 gm


A premium batch of unblended Assam tea leaves is nurtured with the traditional method of CTC to cater to an exotic infusion




  • The uniqueness: This tea is unblended and is sourced from a single estate dedicated to the careful nurturing of each leaf to maturity.
  • What brings out its best: The hand-picked, garden-fresh exotic leaves are processed through special crushing, tearing methods designed to bring their taste out to the maximum. To enjoy its full flavor, steep for 2-3 minutes.
  • What you see: This dark brown pelleted tea is characterized by its full-bodied aroma. It is coppery golden when brewed without milk, and bright and thick when brewed with milk.
  • What you feel: The very-British brisk taste of this tea immediately transports you into a classic country afternoon in 18th century England.
  • Best enjoyed with: Scones, tea cakes, light desserts, or spicy crackers complement the mood of each cup of this tea.
  • Aroma- Unique full-bodied whiff
  • Liquor- Coppery golden without milk. With a dash of milk, it takes a bright thick appearance
  • Complements scones, tea cakes, spicy crackers, and light desserts
  • A breakfast tea for those who love to start their day with a little strength. It can also enliven lazy afternoons or can be a getaway from your daily monotony
  • Taste- Malty flavor with notes of briskness
  • Stepping Notes-1 –1.5 mins

Health Benefits

  • Cuts Down Fat
  • Prevents Heart Problems and Heart Attacks
  • Boosts Digestion

Gold CTC Loose Leaf Tea belongs to the sprawling gardens of Jorhat, Golaghat district of Assam that imbibes all the natural goodness and reflects them back on your cups of refreshment.

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