Indulge in the exclusive English Breakfast tea prepared by mixing Darjeeling black tea leaves with the finest quality CTC tea leaves from the Halmira Tea Estate, which is an ideal combination for a refreshing afternoon.


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The uniqueness:  It’s a mix of CTC tea with loosely rolled oxidized Darjeeling tea leaves with golden tips.
What brings out its best:  The special processing methods bring the Assam and Darjeeling flavors seamlessly in one cup. To enjoy its full flavor, steep for 1-1.5 minutes.
What you see:  This dark brown tea has a moderately strong aroma. It is reddish gold when brewed without milk, and moderately thick when brewed with milk.
What you feel:  Halmira’s Darjeeling CTC leaf tea comes along with a smooth flavor complemented by a dash of briskness and notes of delicate aroma.
Best enjoyed with:  Indian snacks or finger sandwiches complement the mood of each cup of this tea.

Health Benefits of English Breakfast

  • Enhanced Metabolism:  Tea, on a general note, is low on caffeine content when compared to coffee. Regular consumption of Darjeeling tea with CTC blends increases blood flow to our brain, thereby leading to a faster metabolism process. This way, you can burn extra body fat, improve the functions of various organs, and remove lethargy.
  • Boosts Immune System:  A cup of Darjeeling tea helps to boost the immune system of the body. Owing to its powerful antioxidant content, it blocks the damages in the DNA  to enhance the immune system.
  • Gives Refreshment:  Having a cup of Darjeeling tea made using CTC tea leaves after a long hectic day is a medicine for the tired body and mind. Amino acid L in this brew improves concentration and gives relaxation.
  • Protects Against Cold:  Tannins in Darjeeling tea protects the body against viruses causing cold, influenza, and chickenpox. Daily consumption of this cuppa can give better protection against the cold.
  • Make Digestive Tract Healthy:  The presence of tannin is also profitable for tea drinkers suffering from gastric and intestinal problems. Besides maintaining intestinal health, Darjeeling tea improves metabolism and fights against constipation problems.

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