Feel the freshness of Green Tea, the zest of Ginger, the healing power of Turmeric, and the intoxicating aroma of Rose petals in Paradise Tea by Halmira. A superior blend of exotic elements packed with numerous health benefits, enjoy heavenly bliss with each sip you take.

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The Uniqueness:  When it is tea from the brand Halmira, it is all about fine quality, excellent aroma, and robust flavor. Paradise Tea from Halmira is a unique combination of exotic elements like rose petals, ginger, green tea, and turmeric that will satisfy your taste buds along with keeping you de-stressing you and calming your senses.

What Brings Out it’s Best:  Taste the best version of this tea by adding a small amount of milk and sugar to it. Brew the blend for 4-5 minutes to extract the true flavor and aroma along with letting it rest for 3-4 minutes.

What You See:  When raw, you’ll be able to see dried rose petals, green tea leaves, dried, small pieces of ginger and turmeric. Upon brewing, the brew will have a coppery gold hue with a robust aroma of rose petals.

What You Feel: The very first sip of Paradise tea will provide you with a burst of zesty flavor owing to the presence of ginger blending a subtle sweetness coming from rose petals. You’ll be able to taste the earthy essence of green tea leaves backed that will infuse your senses with tranquillity.

Best Enjoyed With:  Mildly flavored seafood, salads, vegetarian sushi, or grilled dishes.

Health Benefits


  • Helps in Losing Fat:  Owing to the presence of green tea leaves, Paradise tea will help you in losing weight along with enhancing the metabolism rate of the body.
  • Improves Physical Performance in the Gym:  A cup of Paradise tea before hitting the gym will improve your physical performance in the gym by speeding up the metabolism rate of the body. It is a great alternative for protein powders which are laden with processed sugar.
  • Flawless Skin:  The presence of green tea is accompanied by turmeric and rose petals, together which will keep your skin flawless along with banishing the signs of aging. The tea will keep wrinkles, pimples, acne, skin pigmentation, and other such skin issues at bay.
  •  Boosts Immunity:  A few cups of Paradise tea per day will boost your immunity system. Apart from the presence of green tea leaves, the presence of dried ginger will fight conditions like cough and cold, strengthening the immune system of the body from within.
  •  Heals Wounds:  Thanks to the presence of turmeric, regular consumption of Paradise tea will help in healing wounds or cuts quickly.
  •  De-Stress Property:  Paradise tea is the perfect medicine to maintain normal levels of cortisol hormone in the body naturally. Known as the stress hormone, the tea will help in reducing the levels of cortisol, thereby calming your senses by de-stressing yourself.

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