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These uniquely blended green tea leaves invite spring to your living room with every sip of the invigorating beverage. It involves an ideal combination of robust and delicate flavors. Wipe away all fatigue and indulge in the arresting sweetness of dates, mellow notes of malt, and brisk flavor in Assam and Darjeeling green tea.

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The uniqueness:  It is a beautiful mix of Assam harvest flavors along with classy Darjeeling notes.
What brings out its best:  The leaves are minimally processed in order to retain their flavor and health benefits. To enjoy its full flavor, steep for 1-2 minutes.
What you see:  The medium-sized leaves have a natural freshness and a mellow aroma. It is light golden with a touch of luminous green and a rejuvenating smooth flavor when brewed without milk.
What you feel:  A fine balance of delicate yet robust flavors characterize this brew. Each sip is intended to refresh your mind and body.
Best enjoyed with:  Subtly-flavoured seafood or salads complement the mood of each cup of Darjeeling green tea.

Health Benefits

  • A storehouse of Antioxidants and Nutrients:  The tea, being rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, will infuse your body with essentials that will take care of your overall health.
  • Better Mental Health:  Being a storehouse of caffeine, quick brew green will take care of your mental health by keeping it alert and active, without giving rise to any anxiety. In fact, quick brew green tea, be it Assam or Darjeeling green tea, will make sure to provide you a sound sleep so that the next day you wake up with a refreshed mind.
  • Improves Health:   This quick brew green tea contains bioactive compounds that aid in the overall improvement of health. You’ll experience a better working of the body organs, thereby leading to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Faster Fat Burning and Better Physical Performance:  Quick brew green tea (Assam or Darjeeling) is an excellent fat cutter owing to the presence of  EGCG. Furthermore, drinking a cup of this tea 2 hours before going to the gym will speed up the metabolism rate.
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