The synergy of intense, pungent and malty flavour with a dark reddish brown colour defines the essence of Assam tea. Named after its origin area, the Assam region of North East India, this tea is famous for its briskness, malty flavour and bright colour. 


Assam tea leaves are usually categorized as a type of black tea, commonly referred as English breakfast or Irish breakfast tea. Among the different types of tea available in India, Assam tea leaves apart from carrying an amazing flavour is a powerhouse of several antioxidants, thereby infusing our body with health benefits with every sip. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss the health benefits of drinking Assam tea, thereby inculcating an extra dose of nutrition in our daily lifestyle.

So What Are The Perks of Drinking Assam Tea?


Improves Mental Alertness

The blend of work stress and personal life issues are enough to affect the working of our mind, making us feel tired and drowsy. Experts believe that drinking a cup of tea made from premium quality Assam tea leaves can improve our mental alertness, improving your thinking process. The caffeine content present in the Assam orthodox tea leaves is the real star element in this aspect and one can stay awake even after experiencing a prolonged period without sleep.


However, one must avoid excess consumption of this tea as caffeine content might give rise to issues like nervousness, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, and headache. Indulge yourself in drinking 4-5 cups of Assam tea per day.


Reduces The Risk of Cancer

Assam tea leaves are infused with phenolic compounds having antioxidant properties. These compounds apparently work to reduce the damage caused by reactive oxygen and species on our cells, reducing the risk of cancer. However experts are still researching on this point. MedlinePlus have stated that black tea is probably beneficial for lowering the risk of ovarian cancer. However, it may be ineffective for reducing the risk of stomach, colon, rectal and breast cancer.


Decreases the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Assam tea leaves which are high on caffeine content may reduce the hazard of developing Parkinson’s disease. Men consuming 124 to 208 ml of caffeine per day which is about 2-4 cups of Assam tea will experience a reduced risk of Parkinson disease while women indulging in 1-4 cups of this tea will avoid the risk of the disease (as per the reports of MedlinePlus).


Cardiovascular Health

The flavonoids in Assam tea leaves is known to improve the endothelial function.  It is the function of the lining found inside the cardiac valves, blood vessels, and other body cavities. The flavonoids from Assam green tea leaves or black tea check the build-up of plaque inside the arteries, reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease.


Given the pointers, optimum consumption of Assam tea on a regular basis will keep a number of diseases at bay. However, finding good quality Assam tea leaves can be a tedious task as most of us are not experts at understanding the texture of tea leaves. However, Halmira Tea will solve this problem in no time.


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