A Few Cups of Green Tea a Day, Keeps the Summer Heat at Bay!

Well, the summer is already here and one can understand that with the blazing sun rays outside along with the constant sweat trickling down the forehead. Not just that, the scorching heat outside gives rise to itchiness and rashes on the skin, thereby leaving our skin burning. Not to forget the sunburn that happens to our skin, leaving behind dark spots and giving rise to premature skin aging. Hence, summers can cost you your health and your skin texture.

What else?

To cool ourselves from inside, we automatically reach for a cold beverage like lemonade, juice and cold drinks. However, do such drink genuinely calm us down? To be true to reality, such drinks do drown us in a moment of hiatus but that’s just a passing moment! In reality, cold beverages can hamper your immune system and make you lose your appetite. So, why we try something hot? Why not we pick up something hot to cool ourselves from within?


How about sipping a cup of tea made using premium quality green tea leaves during the hot summer days? You are probably in a pool of dilemma as to how can a hot drink cool you from inside? However, a cup of hot green tea is way more refreshing than a glass of soft drink.

Why is Green Tea Great for the Summer? Here are the Reasons


In Japan, people indulge in cups of hot green tea to beat the summer heat and keep the body temperature under control.


Humid summer days can exhaust us very easily. It reduces our appetite, thereby making us eat less. As a result, the body loses plenty of essential vitamins and minerals, affecting our health over time. Green tea leaves are packed with vitamins & minerals and also hydrates our body, thereby keeping it cool. As per the theory, a cup of green tea causes the body to sweat, which in turn cools the body temperature and makes us feel less hot.

Protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun in the summer days is one of the many skin benefits we get from green tea. Organic green tea leaves are packed with catechins- a powerful antioxidant that can absorb UV light and help improve skin’s resistance to it. It also helps in improving the elasticity and density of the skin, which in turn can help reduce the risk of skin damage.


With the arrival of summer, most of us, especially the women wish to look perfect by adorning short, flirty summer dresses. With regular consumption of green tea, you can lose weight coupled with regular exercise, thereby cutting the pesky flab and keeping yourself in shape.


Additionally, different types of green tea leaves contain three times as much Vitamin C than Spinach and also boosts your immune system. For example, Assam green tea is popular in this regard and can act as natural medicine, thereby helping one to improve his/her body immunity.


An additional green tea benefit include providing us with a sound sleep during the hot summer days. The summer heat can create a havoc with our sleep; however, regular consumption of can calm our senses and provide us with a sound sleep, especially during night.


Hence, now you can probably understand why green tea is required during the hot summer days and why is it a perfect drink for the summer days.


Hence, Go Green, drink hot and stay cool this summer!


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