Assam Tea Leaves

Indian Tea is one of the world’s favorite exports from the country. The ideal geographical and weather conditions, the continual investments, persistent innovation, and strategic market expansions are some factors which contribute to the success of Indian tea on the global platform. Assam tea leaves are produced and refined from their eponymous state – Assam, found in the north east region of India. Assam Tea was discovered by the famous Scottish Botanist and explorer, Robert Bruce, when he noticed the locals using the leaved to brew their drink. Assam is special as it is one of two places in the world to have native tea plants; the other being a province in China. Each year, the tea state of Assam collectively yields 680,500,000 kg of tea every year.  Even the famous Darjeeling tea has its origins in China.

Assam is also the largest tea growing region in the world. Lying on both sides of the Brahmaputra, the region is widely acknowledged to experience the highest precipitation during the monsoon season which is what makes it such an ideal area for the growth of tea. The tropical and balmy climate of the region is responsible for the Assam tea leaves unique malty flavor. Some tea lovers have described the taste of Assam tea as being buttery and creamy.

Assam Loose leaf tea is also known for having several health benefits. Read on for more about their health benefits.


  • Assam Tea helps increase alertness and concentration. The caffeine present in the tea helps tea drinkers get through the slower parts of their day and helps them accomplish their tasks with more efficiency. As this has a lower caffeine presence than coffee, tea drinkers don’t suffer from the harmful effects of excess caffeine intake – although everything should be done in moderation.
  • Drinking Assam Loose leaf tea improves cardiovascular health. The presence of flavonoids in Assam tea leaves help improve the functioning of blood vessels and cardiac valves, reduces the buildup of plaque inside the arteries and prevents artery hardening. All of this together reduces the body’s chances of experiencing heart attacks and strokes.
  • The caffeine in Assam tea is also a natural stimulant. This means that it helps with regular bowel movement and digestion.
  • Assam Loose leaf tea also helps in keeping a check on one’s weight. It may increase your metabolism; giving you not only a boost in energy but also helping you burn fat faster.
  • Assam tea leaves have a large amount of antioxidant properties present in them. These properties work together to reduce the effect of wear and tear taking place in your body. An attribute that has shown promise to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.
  • Assam tea may also help make the immune system grow stronger, thereby making it easier for the body to fight off colds and coughs. The minerals and antioxidants present in Assam tea leaves helps the body fight off infections faster and heal inflammations sooner.
  • It reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Consuming Assam tea leaves as a brew or chewing it as the local Assamese people do is known to increase one’s oral health, prevent and in some cases even heal cavities.
  • As Assam Tea contains the vitamins A and E, it is also great for your skin. It purifies the blood which leads to clearer and healthier skin.

Among the different types of tea available in India according to their origin, Assam tea leaves seems to be a veritable treasure trove of health benefits! It’s not only a pleasure to drink but is healthy as well – making it a great choice for people of all ages. When looking to buy Assam tea leaves it is best to buy the highest quality Assam Loose leaf tea so that you can benefit fully from the beverage. Halmira Tea has more than 100 years of experience in the tea industry. Through the many years in the business, we have refined our methods to perfection. Our love for the art of making tea is clear in every single leaf of our products and they will deliver the taste you love. You can easily buy our tea online from our online store. We have a variety of Assam tea leaves to choose from, such as Assam Orthodox Tea and Assam Green Tea. Our Online Tea store is the best site for those who love exceptional tea and like the convenience of buying tea online.

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