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Isn’t it surprising to learn that a simple plant has the power to help us kick-start our day by giving us the revitalizing energy to shed away our slumber? Just a sip of well-made tea is all we need to keep our minds fresh and our bodies energized. Depending on the region where it’s farmed, the process it undergoes and the time when it’s cultivated, Camellia Sinensis gifts us with various types of tea leaves you’ll find in the market. From the basic black tea to some of the most exotic variants, tea is the only drink that is consumed by a plebeian as well as by an aristocrat.


Let us learn about the different varieties of teas one can get in India which has the unmatched property to entice our taste buds.

Dive into the Cup of Tea of your choice!


Assam Tea

Brisk and malty, Assam tea leaves come from the state of Assam which happens to be the world’s largest tea-growing area. Assam tea and its blends are popular worldwide as a breakfast tea. To be more precise, the Irish breakfast tea consists of small-sized Assam tea leaves and the English breakfast consists of a blend of black teas including Assam tea leaves. This type of tea is cultivated in the lowlands near the bank of the river Brahmaputra, the main factor leading to its malty taste.


Darjeeling Tea

Known as the “Champagne of Teas,” the exotic aroma and flavor of the tea justify this title given to Darjeeling tea leaves. Darjeeling tea originates from the district of West Bengal which is primarily sold as a black tea in the market. However, Darjeeling tea is also available in green, white, and oolong variants. The leaves of Darjeeling tea are thin and have a distinct floral taste.

Kangra Tea

Arising from the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, there was a time when Kangra tea was considered to be an exotic Indian tea. It is a lesser-known tea among the other types of teas as it is produced in small quantities. Infused with an earthy flavor and unique fragrant, Kangra tea is available as green and black tea.

Nilgiri tea

Dark, strong, and intoxicatingly aromatic, Nilgiri tea separates itself from other types of tea owing to such qualities. Coming from the plantations of the Western Ghats mountain range, the tea is often used in a blended form owing to its intense flavor. Nilgiri tea, in fact, falls under the category of India’s most popular caffeinated exports.

So, what is your cup of favorite tea? No matter what type of tea you choose to brew and sip, each variant is filled with health benefits that will leave your mind rejuvenated and body detoxified, thereby boosting your energy level to keep you going for the rest of the day.

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