Tea lovers are different from others. They can drink tea at any time to deal with different colors of emotions. Whether they are sad, tired, happy, or annoyed, a cup of tea is all they need to relax their senses or enjoy the moment. So, buying a gift for a tea lover is not really a task in itself. Hence move over the coffee lovers and let the tea lovers have their share of the moment by presenting tea as gifts. Make them feel special and happy by giving them some new flavors to explore, a stunning service ware, or an out of the box homage to their favorite sip. Hence, we’ve tracked down the perfect gifts for every tea devotee.

 Unique Gift Ideas for the Tea Addicts

 Tea Gift Boxes

Tea gift boxes contain different types of exotic and premium tea leaves, either in the form of loose-leaf tea or in teabags. Such boxes are nothing less than a treasure trove to a true tea lover.

 Blooming Tea

Beautify your tea break session with some blooming tea. Let the receiver enjoy the gorgeous tea balls that bloom into flowers when steeped.

 Matcha Bowl Set

Whether your tea lover friend is a fan of the matcha craze or a longtime lover of the green tea, a traditional matcha bowl set will bring a smile across his/her friend. Such set includes all the tools they’ll need to create the perfect cuppa.

 Cold Brew Tea Set

 A cold brew tea set is perfect for a friend who is a fan of iced tea in different flavours. Let’s just say, cold brew is no more restricted to coffee anymore. The same method that warms the acid in your favorite arabica beans also brings out the refinements in tea. A convenient cold brew tea set will enable your friend to discover the deliciousness of tea leaves for a cuppa that is perfect for the summers (or winters as well).

 Bubble Tea Kit

 Bubble tea is a new trend and if your friend is a big fan of this trend, what’s better than gifting him/her with a bubble tea kit. Gift a bubble tea kit whereby they can brew up a match at home without shedding a whole lot of cash in some cafe.

Tea Chocolate Truffles

Infused with bergamot, the fruit that gives Earl Grey tea its unique botanical kick, tea chocolate truffles will elicit the same flavor as that of the tea. Is your friend ready for this unique pairing?

 Matcha Milk Bath Jar

 If your friend is a beauty freak apart from being a tea addict, take the concept of tea to a whole new level with a matcha milk bath jar.  This skin-softening skincare product is infused with a relaxing blend of antioxidant matcha tea, coconut milk powder, and the Dead Sea salts.

 Green Herbal Tea Kit

 So your friend is a serious green tea fiend? Then nothing will work better than a green tea gift box. Furthermore, if it is a green herbal tea kit, your friend will thank you for the rest of your life. A set of dried tea leaves and botanicals will give the tea lovers the opportunity to experiment with flavors and create their own custom blend.

 One-Touch Tea Maker

 What can be better than presenting a tea lover one-touch tea maker, especially when he or she is always on the run. An automated tea brewer will steep every tea in the right water temperature for just the right amount of time. It even has the provision whereby one can set it to brew at his/her wake up time, so he/she can start the day with a hot cuppa without waiting any further.

 Tea Liquid Soap

 Gift your tea-loving friend something apart from cliche tea leaves or exotic tea blend. Let her enjoy the blend of tea and soap through a tea scented liquid soap. Smell divine and calm your senses with tea liquid soap.

 We are sure that these tea gift boxes for a tea lover will make him/her happy beyond expectations. You can also come up with your DIY ideas for giving a present to a tea addict, which he or she will find useful.


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